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Accredited certification at an affordable cost in the shortest timescale

Hatton Parkinson have simplified and shortened the job of getting up to certification standard. This includes assessment by a "Certification Body" and Hatton Parkinson have a policy of working only with UKAS accredited certification bodies.

Get New Customers

An increasing number of industry sectors, in particular, public sector contracts are now demanding certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. For Hatton Parkinson clients we routinely prepare a formal "Declaration of Intent" confirming that they are working on an approved programme to achieve certification within an agreed timescale. This has enabled many of our clients to be included in "approved supplier" tender lists which would otherwise be closed to them.

Keep the cost "Manageable"

Hatton Parkinson Associates will give you interest free deferred payments and where possible, help you to get a grant to cover part of the cost. Some 3 out of 4 of our clients have received grant support for a project to get certificated to ISO 9001 or 14001