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ISO 14001

ISO 14001

What is it?

ISO 14001: 2004 is the international standard which defines the process for:

  1. "Identifying" the factors (or aspects) which impact on the environment.
  2. "Defining" the way in which these can first be measured and then controlled.
  3. "Improving" the companies environmental performance.

The system needs to be documented as follows:

  • General Requirement (sec. 4.1)
  • Environmental Policy (sec. 4.2)
  • Planning and Implementation (sec. 4.4)
  • Monitoring and Corrective Action
  • Management Review

How do we become certified?

  1. Carry out an "Environmental Review". This will identify the important aspects that impact on the environment for your company. This should include the use of materials, resources (water, fuel, electricity etc) emissions to air, drains, land etc.
  2. Develop an "Environmental Policy". This should state the companies commitment to meeting all legal/regulatory requirements and continually improve your environmental performance.
  3. Design and document an "Environmental Management System (EMS)" which sets out the way in which you measure, control and reduce the environmental aspects.
  4. Implement the system by setting out "objectives" which must be SPECIFIC, QUANTIFIED and TIME BASED.
  5. Audit/Review the results to ensure that the system is working and producing improvements.
  6. Assessment/Certification should be carried out by an independent 3rd party certification body. Hatton Parkinson strongly recommends that this certification body should be UKAS accredited.